How To: Open A Trustpilot Account For Your Small Business

It is important to know what your clients think of your business.

Reviews help you figure that out and either teach you what not to do or show that you should keep doing what you're doing.

An awesome and relatively inexpensive resource that we recommend using is Trustpilot. Trustpilot offers free accounts that allow you to engage with your customers and show your ratings. Of course, you can also pay for a more advanced service that includes more add ons to help your business grow in a more advanced way.

In this blog we will go over the steps for how to open a Trustpilot account for your small business. These steps go…

  1. Find the account option you want

  2. Fill out your personal information

  3. Customise your account to fit you

  4. Invite your customers to review

STEP ONE: Find the account option you want

Trustpilot provides three options for your business to receive reviews from your clients: a free account, a standard account plan offered at £199 which includes more options than the free account, and a customised standard plan where you can pick and choose what kind of add ons you want.

Just be sure to choose the account option that you think will benefit your business the most.

STEP TWO: Fill out your personal information

This step is pretty self explanatory, however let’s walk through it. Once you choose your account plan it will bring you to a screen that tells you to provide your website URL, company name, first and last name, email address and phone number.

Once you fill that out, you press the blue button at the bottom. If you are creating a free account the blue button will say “Create free account” and you can begin.

If opting for the standard account plan then it will take you to a consultant to speak to you about what you’re looking for in your account and exactly how Trustpilot can help you.

STEP THREE: Customise your account to match your business

Once you have created your account you have to then go to your email and click on the activation email.

In order to create and customise an account you must activate it and create a password for your login. Once you have logged in and successfully activated your account you can now begin to customise.

Go to your settings and then profile page, after doing that all of the setting configurations will pop up and you can get started. You can begin to add profile information which will introduce your business and give users your contact information and any extra details.

You can add a promotion box which will help spread your brand and customer service to any potential customers.

If you offer any kind of guarantee, money-back, free shipping, free returns, etc., you can also include a guarantee box to let potential clients know what is available to them.

These options will help boost customer confidence in your business and show them more of what you do.

STEP FOUR: Invite your customers to review

Once you have successfully created and customised your profile it is time to start inviting your customers to review. There are three options for inviting people to review your business:

  • Automatic invitations

  • Manual invitations

  • Ways outside of TrustPilot

Automatic Invitations

In order to have automatic invitations you must choose out of three other options.

One option is the Automatic Feedback Service. After a customer purchases or has a service experience with your business they will automatically be sent an email asking to review your service.

Another is Trustpilot's e-Commerce Integration. It is a special platform that will send out a review invitation automatically after each order through Trustpilot.

Lastly, there is Trustpilot’s API system which allows you to have a higher level of control over the invitations and helps generate links and provides guidance from Trustpilot developers on what reaches people the best.

Whichever review service you choose, Trustpilot will provide guidance on set it up and sending invitations.

Manual Invitations

Another option is the manual invitation method, which easy and free. If you already have a client's information such as their email, name, phone number etc., you can fill out their information on Trustpilot itself and send the invitations that way.

You can also go to your account, go to “Get reviews”, and click “Try a different way to get reviews”. This will provide you with a link to your Trustpilot review account and you can send that out.

It is important to invite previous AND current customers to review your business because the more reviews you have, the more of an online presence you will gain. As well as the helpful constructiveness of the reviews, whether good or bad, they are always helpful for a growing business.

Well, you have officially created your small business Trustpilot account and you're ready to receive those reviews!

A Trustpilot account will be beneficial for the growth of your business itself and the online presence. The more reviews potential customers see the more likely they will be in choosing your business.

The social proof that reviews provide instils confidence in prospective customers because if they see positive reviews, your business must be a good choice!

Remember, the more reviews you get, the more interaction with your website and Trustpilot account you receive which is great for your online presence. If you want more of an online presence, we highly recommend taking advantage of this great tool!

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